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Same Shit, Everyday
20 most recent entries

Date:2014-05-21 00:00
Mood: determined

One story a week for the next 100 weeks!

1. Beauty and the Beast26. The Little Mermaid51. The Princess and the Pea76. The Frog King
2. The Twelve Brothers27. Rapunzel52. Cinderella77. The Seven Ravens
3. Little Red Ridding Hood28. The Juniper Tree53. Sleeping Beauty78. The Six Swans
4. Little Snow White29. Rumpelstiltskin54. Sweetheart Roland79. The Golden Bird
5. Golden Goose30. Jordinde and Joringle55. The Water Nixie80. The Goose Girl
6. The Water of Life31. The Spirit in the Bottle56. Donkey Cabbages81. Snow-White and Rose-Red
7. Thumbalina32. The Elf of the Rose57. The Wicked Prince82. The Ugly Duckling
8. The Snow Queen33. The Ice Maiden58. The Snowdrop83. The Phoenix Bird
9. The Loveliest Rose in the World34. The Black Veil59. Brave Little Tin Soldier84. The Nutcracker
10. The Hawk and the Nightingale35. The Maiden Wiser than the Tsar60. The Magic Bag85. The Algonquin Cinderella
11. Cupid and Psyche36. East o' the Sun and West o' the Moon61. The Princess on the Glass Hill86. White Bear King Valemon
12. The Dolphin37. The Imp Prince62. The Story of Pretty Goldilocks87. Jack and the Beanstalk
13. The Maid Freed from the Gallows38. The Canary Prince63. Hades and Persephone88. Vasilissa the Beautiful
14. The Twelve Dancing Princesses39. The White Duck64. The Red Shoes89. The Little Match Girl
15. Dapplegrim40. The Enchanted Watch65. Rosanella90. The Magic Swan
16. The Enchanted Snake41. The Golden Mermaid66. The Dragon of the North91. The Blue Mountains
17. The Flower Queen's Daughter42. Fairer-than-a-Fairy67. The Wounded Lion92. The Golden Lion
18. The Unlooked for Prince43. Cannetella68. Prunella93. The Prince and the Dragon
19. The Silent Princess44. The King of the Waterfalls69. The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing94. Arabian Nights
20. Quest for Camelot45. Selene & Endymion70. Pyramus and Thisbe95. Orpheus and Eurydice
21. Echo and Narcissus46. Pygmalion and Galatea71. Achilles and Penthelisea96. Heloise and Abelard
22. Gareth and Lynette47. Justinian and Theodora72. Troilus and Criseyde97. The Taming of the Shrew
23. Twelfth Night48. Giselle73. Dracula98. Tosca
24. A Midsummer's Night Dream49. Romeo and Juliet74. Tristan and Isolde99. Sleepy Hallow
25. Writer's Choice50. Writer's Choice75. Writer's Choice100. Writer's Choice

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Date:2010-09-09 15:45
Mood: aggravated

I AM an AWESOME Authoress! I am SO awesome! I CAN be MORE awesome!

I must keep the righteous fires of YOUTH burning! I shall not be deterred by the fact that no one has bothered to review my first story in four years! It is Natural! But I shall not stop! No one can stop the yaoi! I must write! I must persevere, and corrupt more people into the dark AWESOME world of YAOI! I SHALL persevere! I was an awesome writer, and I still am and I SHALL be the most Awesome Mighty Yaoi Writer in the universe, and my heart yearns for justice!

YOSHA! If I do not receive ten reviews by tomorrow, I shall do a hundred pushups! I swear this by my great internal flames of YOUTH!!!

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Date:2010-08-01 07:30

I bought one carrot, some minced, low-fat danish cheese, samosa leaves, a litre of London Dairy's Praline and Cream, a bar of Pears soap, two bras, two red sleeveless shirts, one autumn orange shirt, T. Pratchett's latest book Unseen Academicals, a 4GB Flash Drive and...


Now I should go and defrost my minced chicken and samosa leaves to make lumpiang shanghai, hang my laundry, and iron my uniform. I hope to finish all my Tarot assignments today, leaving just the Tarot journal...at least I've got fifteen entries :)

I have a hard drive, I have a hard drive...


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Date:2010-07-30 06:27

I'm so proud of how many lessons I've gotten through in Tarot! Although I haven't actually done more than four yet, looking through all the cards daily has given me a better feel for the deck and for tarot-reading in general. Each kind of deck has a personality, the individual decks more so, and the more you commune with it, the more it becomes clearer to you. My Harmonious Tarot is flowery, very positive, cheery and eager to give a good message. Now, all I want is to make it a black carry case. I was thinking something in a non-shiny fabric, probably with a chinese print, with an insert of soft silk...or as near to silk as I can get. No velvet for this one. I'm thinking gold buttons. The problem is how do I put a feather inside without it getting crumpled. If I sew it into the fabric, then I can't wash it. I could put it in a camomile teabag for soothing thoughts and such. Ah well.

I'm not doing so well in my Wicca and Sabbats courses. Must remedy that.

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Date:2010-07-25 11:16

I fed the cat again today, AND the kittens under the caravan. They're so skinny!

I'm reading the Myths of the Norsemen. Loving on the Valkyrie and the Norn as always. And Frigga as well, who is more accepting than Hera. Possibly because Odin included his wife in his schemes to prepare for Ragnarok.

I did my first Sabbath assignment yesterday, and my first Tarot assignment today. Good accomplishment, but I am to do more on Sunday and Monday :)  I should at least do three Sabbat assignments.

I was calmer today, three days after starting my shielding, though I didn't have my rock with me. I'm pleased with my progress, yes I am, so now I should try the centering and grounding.

Practiced my song today. I think I'm going with Evanesence.

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Date:2010-07-24 08:10

I gotta research cat goddesses, trickster gods and do my homework, and I am STILL stuck on Drop Dead Diva. C'mon Jill, kick it!

Here are some things I want to read though:


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Date:2010-07-23 09:49
Subject:Witchy Journal!

Well, here goes, I'm supposed to be studying my TFA classes, and I'm watching Drop Dead Diva. Darn it! I must be awesome at this!

'M doing my shielding regularly, especially during times of stress when I think Bad Thoughts. I totally have to chillax. I've also been doing my grounding with my handy palm rock. Tried writing up a Samhain ritual, got half way so yay for that. Aaaand that's it for now.

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Date:2009-10-13 22:00

I've just realized I should never buy more than half a loaf of bread. I just end up throwing some seriously mutated mold away.
Gods I am bored to be using the lj...

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Date:2009-07-05 18:54
Subject:Vay-Cay Plans

Buns and bonnets...

Here I am, marinated in aloe vera because every bit of my body is aching in some way...and ten days away from my first work vacation! Exciting!

Oh, I'm so looking forward to making some real dough back home. Earning almost nine hundred bucks a month for more than one thousand hours of work is totally, truly pissing me off. That's not even a buck an hour. And it's so unbearbly boring around here. Thank Goddess I've planned every detail to the T.

Yeah, that's how bored I am: updating this piece of deserted craphole when I know no one's going to read it.

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Date:2009-06-07 20:32
Subject:I dream of drabbles with happy happy endings

Let's hope I keep to 'em this time.

1. Mail2. Trance3. Baby4. Funeral5. Wedding6. Birth
7. Understanding8. Kiss9. Police10. Insanity11. Impossible12. Love
13. Roses14. Rescue15. March16. Hospital17. Red18. Tempature
19. Touch20. First Time21. Fake22. Redemption23. Shower24. Picture
25. Backyard26. Best Friend27. Taste28. Leather29. Clothes30. France
31. Apart32. Lovers33. Moon34. Dream35. Bed36. Together
37. Sex38. Birthday39. Enemies40. Memories41. Smell42. Rain
43. Hear44. Guilty45. Pleasure46. Innocence47. Beauty48. Shopping
49. Whisper50. Alliances51. Confusion52. Time53. Rome54. Hope
55. Egypt56. Old57. Young58. Heart59. Borrowed60. Blue

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Date:2008-08-10 18:38
Mood: On Crack!

Bernie Mac just died, people of the world. A great comedian, actor, a piece of black history now truly...history. Let's all light a candle and be jealous of those schnoozers up in heaven who just had a barrel of laughs knocking at the Pearly Gates.

AAAAAAAAAAnyway....nothing new. Kyan is super-duper-ultra-bored with her life and her job and her feet are killing her. She is soooo just waiting for Farah to come home already so SOMETHING happens. I am so ready to eat cheap-ass Carrefour sushi (or however you spell it, Geant is so much easier.)

I soooo should start writing my crack porn again...I miss the sugar-coated reviews...Nyaaa, Kyan should, Kyan should...Gods know I have enough time in the morning to knock off a few drabbles. Must find prompts...cute, inspiring prompts....mnnn...

Someone be my muse and kick me!

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Date:2008-07-23 10:32
Mood: pissed off


Oh gods, I don't know what to do...A year ago I couldn't even grasp the idea of having a steady job, and now, four months into this one, I remember why. Same bloody effing thing every effing minute of every effing day, I effing swear. I could bite through steel at the frustration I'm feeling right now. At least today, my shift's been changed (admittedly now it's from 12 pm to 12 am, and only for one day, but at least it's a bloody change), but dammit. Nine hours in the same place with the same people who have the same faces and the same attitudes they had yesterday, with the same breakfast, lunch and dinner crap, and the same job for me, over and over and over, like a never-ending fucking nightmare of utter boredom. And they don't even want you to stop after nine hours. Noooo, you must work bloody fucking more, you must, to get anywhere in life. AND your dreams and ambitions MUST align with the path you've chosen now, you MUST be a chef, you MUST stay for-fucking-ever in this blasted hotel with its blasted moron management assholes who fucking stalk you and bother your friends and its blasted too-fucking-cheap-to-buy-linen-so-we-have-to-use-paper-napkins-for-table-setup, only-have-one-juicer-in-the-whole-hotel, a/c-has-broken-down-in-the-middle-of-summer CHEAP ASS MINDSET because your dreams and your ambitions are fucking bullshit concocted by your babyish, immature, know-nothing-about-the-world mind. Excuse you?

Oooooooooooooh, makes you just want to choke a bitch, I swear. And no men! Not a single, attractive, decent male here who is not taken, so I can't even distract myself with that shit. And I look good! I look really good, for the first time in twenty years, so fuck working hard in the kitchen, just so I can get burned and boiled and scratched and cut and generally mangled, all for 8-fucking-50 a MONTH. Yeah, you better pay for my accomo, and my water and my electricity and shit, because at the end of the day, when you've sucked all the energy out of me and you've worked me to the bone and my brain is all dried out thinking for your shit, I'd better be able to crash for at least five hours before you do the same effing thing to me all over again.

That does it. I'm so studying. Eleven hours is enough. That's enough 'securing my future'. 'Then, they can just fuck off so I can start securing my effing life. I could seriously get into religion here, bring down the witchines on this place, study my languages, do shit to help me, not anyone else. No one said growing up and getting a job meant losing your actual own-time, and if they think they're entitled to it, then they can kiss my apple-bottom jeans :P

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Date:2008-07-09 17:01
Subject:Murrrrrr...der on the Dance Floor, nya!
Mood: blank

Geh....My life is washed and dried I do not even freaking remember what I did the past three days. I swear, my life goes in this order: Wake up, Put On Uniform, Go To Work, Do Overtime, Come Home, Take Bath, Sleep. Rinse, lather and re-fucking-peat. I swear, It's the same every damn day. And now, It's my day off, and dammit... At least last week I got the snogging of a lifetime (still think about it in the morning *sigh*)

I've done my laundry, hung it up to dry, brought it in and folded it. I've cut my hair AGAIN, cleaned it up made it as even as possible without seeing the back of my head. I've watched a movie and several comedies. I've cut up another shirt, and it looks hot, thankyouverymuch. I've gotten drunk, got kissed twice, slept for four hours by myself and four hours next to a guy and I've read a book. And it's still only five pm! There's nothing to DO here! After I'm done posting and changing my music though, I shall be shopping, cooking and wasting away in no short order, but still!

I got home early yesterday, that's why, and thank gods. I only come home on time twice a week, Tuesday and Friday, so hell yeah, I'd rather come home early and do nothing instead of staying in the kitchen. I did my hair and watched a movie, slept for four hours, woke up went to a party that was already more than half-spent, managed to get compliments for the new 'do and enough drink to get happily tipsy, got kissed twice by The Idiot with the Bitchy GF, the latter of which came in two hours after me and subsequently ruined the part-ay by turning on the lights and frowning in a very disciplinarian fashion. Or maybe the frown was because her shirtless bf was standing in front of me and two other girls (Alone I'm a pretty girl, but together, the three of us are effing HOT). Suffice it to say that I am mildly pissed at her, coz I like him and I want him and damn it all, SHE has him. But aside from that, we had fun playing Pass-the-Paper and doing some very hot dancing with my girls. AND I got kissed. Plus points for last night. AND I slept next to Eric, who is my Kuya, no biggie. I miss sleeping next to people...


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Date:2008-07-06 21:06
Subject:So I said daily...big deal. Everyone knows I'm a liar...
Mood: Geeeeeeehhh...

July 3rd:

I broke a hundred and eighty eggs today. Yeah. Coz that's my life. I am Kyan Shellsmasher, I am. Totally Chickdeath.

AND! I got drunk off my ass on J&B with my pretty Ate Jen. We just sat around, chasing the alcohol down with chicken and soda, ranting about guys and generally laughing our asses off. I kept mentioning the cute guy who nearly ate my lips off the other night (I swear to the gods they're sore). I am quite hung up on him...

July 4th:

Farah's Birthday! And I actually managed to remember AND call her as well, which is pretty damn good for me...and can you believe the bitch forgot? Well, anyway...Yeah, I know you're sick, Farah-chu. This is what comes of feeding the cats first.

What else...I turned my room into a hair salon, and cut my hair all by myself. And colored it with Ate Jen's help. It was supposed to be red, but all it did was turn a lighter shade of brown...and that's AFTER we'd dyed it for three hours, with blonde AND red dye. Coz you're supposed to bleach it, yeah? Well, three hours and all we got was brown...red in a good light, but still brownish.

July 5th:

After yesterday's excitement, (and the excitment of theday before that, and my day off as well) I finally did nothing but sleep...for 10 HOURS! GEH!

July 6th:

We're back to boredomsville, but at least I updated. I'm planning to learn french by music, thanks to Nabil, but I got sidetracked and now I'm downloading Asian Kung Fu Gen and L'arc-en-Ciel. There is no excitment in Al Ain, do y'all know that? You have to freaking MAKE it, like it's a rarity or something. Can't even find a place to pierce my ears. I want one more set, and then it's tattoo time....except I'm afraid of needles and I still want to donate blood. Oh well...maybe when I get to Australia, yeah?

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Date:2008-07-02 23:36
Subject:Updating from now on! I hope!

I spent last night making out with a guy I just met. Oh, and a damn good part of this morning and afternoon as well.

Can I just say 'geh'? As well as 'oMiFrIcKiNgOdS'!!! I just MADE OUT with a guy I JUST MET!!! Does daily exposure to eggs dose you with animal pheromones or what? AAAAAAAAAAGGHHHH!!!

Honestly, I don't know whether to be pissed or pleased. I suppose I'll settle for slightly miffed and extremely ruffled, because DAMN that guy can kiss. Like, DAMN.

Aside from that (absolutely ravishing) part of my day, I really didn't do much. Or anything at all, aside from a two hour shopping break. I didn't even get an eight-hour catnap in. But hey, lying around in bed, watching tv and making out with a guy is a pretty damn good way to spend my day off.

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Date:2007-10-10 15:30

 WHAT the Hell? My life is going nowhere again. Just sitting here, reading fanfiction and BL, watching Scrubs. At least watching Scrubs expands my medical knowledge some. And I'm starting to want to write again. But still, what the hell?

You know those days when you just want to rip someone's throat out with your teeth because you're so bored and pissed with yourself? I'm having one of those.

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Date:2007-10-08 18:10
Subject:Screw Life! I Am BACK, Baby!!!
Mood: energetic

I Am BACK, Baby!!! You can't keep a yaoi-bitch down forever, no way, no how!!!

Sorry, UGH ate my brain ...<(' x ')> But then again, I've got a new love! SwordxSen forever and ever! Oooo, it was so good, especially when you sit down and read the whole thing through without tearing your eyes off the twisted, murdering man-whores (like Norman...XD) I almost got as emotional as when I read Tokyo Crazy Paradise. Teh smex will keep me hyper for daaaaaaays. And even better, I downloaded RENT a few days ago, and I can't stop listening to it! I love Angel!

Oh, and to anyone who's interested, I haven't gotten a job and I'm studying Spanish, Sign Language, Zen and Paganism. FUN!!!

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Date:2007-04-10 12:21
Subject:Livejournal, how I missed thee!
Mood: creative

W00t! Etisalat finally got it's ass in gear!

Meeeeh, I've got too much to write about to actually write it! Too bad... I just remember we once made some absolutely delicious turkey, and some equally un-delicious oysters. And yesterday I made manju, but the bread sucked. The bean paste is yummy though. Today I'm making Aubergine Adobo for lunch. 

I graduated three wees ago, finished all the schoolwork two weeks ago, and now I'm languishing at home after my molar extraction, which left me with a pretty darn cool hole in the back of my mouth. 'm just downloading lots of manga and appreciating the wonders of old musicians, like Betty Hutton, Bing Crosby and Dinah Shore. And it's such a bummer that they're all dead. Anyway, I'm just here, waiting for a chef apprentice job to come along while my mouth heals, and I'm starting to cook again, which is fun and really very cool.

Update: I made the Adobo. It's yummy, but a touch sour. We haven't eaten it yet, but I'm sure it'll taste great with hot rice. *drools and stalks to the dining table*

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Date:2007-01-08 19:41
Subject:hum de dum

Just got back home from school today. Not so very interesting; hard and soft boiled eggs, poached eggs, eggs benedict and eggs florentine and omelettes. Last week was all soups and sauces. Most had cream, so it's very fattening. But in two days' time, we're doing potatoes, which is bound to be more fun. I'll definitely have to bring some home.

This:http://youtube.com/watch?v=xUIB5RlujXk just gave me a yaoi jumpstart. It's fun trying to spot your pairing before it flashes by.

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Date:2007-01-02 09:10
Subject:Hoppy New Year!!!

Hi guys! It's 2007! W00t!

I got my pamano from my ninong yesterday, chu¬! And then yesterday, my parents brought me into the vicinity of a bookstore without knowing it, and I went home with an armful of culture: Around The World In Eighty Days, White Fang and The Call of The Wild, Vanity Fair, and The Moonstone. Very classical and very cool. And I still have lots of money left over! Time to complete my Discworld collection! 



Farah and Sarah, I shall call you today! On or about today, certainly. In the general area of today-ness. Coz, like, I'm going to school today and have nothing to do when waiting for the bus. So, yeah...

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